Rosalina's Story tells of a young immigrant woman who entered the United States on a fraudulent fiance visa and, already with 13 year's experience as a prostitute, continued to apply her keenly-sharpened skill in attracting men. Many of the men she lured to her bed awoke to find their pockets empty; some never awoke at all. As a young woman without conscience but with a ungovernable fondness for money and real estate, she had a successful, four-year career in this land of opportunity. But of course all things come to an end, as did the life of her uncomprehending third husband. And with the end of his life came the end of her most profitable career, but not the end of her story



I was middle aged when I began writing for publication.  I was a teacher then, and a track and cross-country coach, a director of plays, and a leader of wilderness expeditions.


But I started contributing to a weekly paper in my neighborhood